Zicocn - Goods ordered and not received,paid for.???

Bath, England 0 comments

Goods ordered 19/06/11 and paid for via "PAYPAL",not yet received.

Goods ordered 23/06/11 and paid for via "PAYPAL",not yet received.

Goods ordered 24/06/11 and paid for via "PAYPAL",not yet received.

I am absolutely disgusted by this company and there shameful actions,I am a retired pensioner with not the biggest "BANK BALANCE" in the world and their acceptance of "HARD EARNED" money in payment for the said goods,It does nothing for my confidence in making purhases from "foreign" sellers in light of these comments,(AS ABOVE).I hope that by making myself heard,will possibly enable some action to be taken against this company,

yours in disgust.

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Zicocn - Zococn.com never sent paid for item to me

Virginia Beach, Virginia 0 comments
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Serious Complaint about Zococn.com business and fruadulent practices:

I bought and paid for an item from you over two months ago and it has never arrived and need to know what is going on. Contact me at the E-mail above ASAP or I have to report this to the Consumer Credit Bureau and the Attorney Generals office for fraud. Let me know your plan please. Look up the item with my name (Arthur Gnaegy, 7399 Club Drive, Quinton, VA. 23141

I tried to E-mail three times with mail returned as no such E-mail account. I also tried calling with no answer. This is a fraudulent business here and needs to be stopped since they do not even get back with there paying customers. I paid over $75 to these people and so for it is gone for ever as it seems to date.


Art Gnaegy

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Zicocn - Zico order never received after taking my money

Graham, North Carolina 0 comments
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i ordered a fathers day gift and have never received the gift.it was paid thru pal pay so i know they got their money and i also have tried to contact them numerous times without any success.

My order also shows as delivered. i had really hoped that this site was not a scam but i was wrong! Do not use this site!

It is a scam all they want is your hard earned money and you get nothing in return.I will be posting this on all my sites that i post on to not purchase from them!!

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Zicocn is a Scam

Atlanta, Georgia 7 comments
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I placed a order for 4 tablets from Zicocn.com on June 17, 2011 and its now July 27, 2011. I still have NOT recieve my orders. I have tried to contact them and they wont respond or answer there phones.. DONT BUY FROM THEM..

Zicocn.com is a SCAM website!

Again people dont not but from this FAKE website..... If you want to buy Brand New Tablets, go to www.LightInTheBox.com and they are fast and they give you trackin info... and another company is www.SinaDeal.com and they have very nice prices on Android Tablets and Mini Laptops.

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If you placed a order from Zicocn.com You will be waiting forever. Idont know how you paid but I ordered One Item In June 2011 And got my money back, then I placed a order in July 2011 And waited over a month formy order and got noyhing in the mail so I call Pay pal to get money back And I used Pay Pal.com And I put In for A dispuite about my order ,And I got my money back in my pay pal account today 8/16/2011 so I If I were you go on the pay pal.com and file a would complaint, about your order and they will do something about it, Thats if you used pay pal, if not call your credit company


could you help me in refunding the money from paypal..?


zicocn is a scam and paypal doesnt help at all to catch this thief dont use paypal and zicocn..........they are partners in crime


I bought a tablet from an american seller on ebay.He buys and sell from american and foreign wholesale distribution centers.

This was his first time getting a tablet from zicocn. He later contacted me in suspect of them being a scam site. He is refunding my money through paypal. I was informed by him that he has filed a report with paypal and the chinese business bureau.

From my understanding there also has been a local police report filed in shenzen about the issue. Shenzen being the suspected location of the company. Zicocn has mysteriously went down after these orders have been made. My guess is the site may have been moved.

What needs to be done is someone needs to find out who owns the domain name (DNS) of zicocn.

Once the hosting site has been found they need to check the ip address log to investigate who was the administrator of there site.This will track them down to were they are administering the fake scam BS business.




ZICOCN is a fake, i bought i phone but i didn't get it.Don't buy from it


Not an real business! Also Do not us PAYPAL no Support

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Zicocn - Did not ship order

Valley Village, California 8 comments

Zicocn took my money and did not ship my order.I tried to contact them and they never responded.

Looks like the web page might be a fake and there is no company behind the website. Who knows. Don't buy from them.

Zicocn took my money and did not ship my order. I tried to contact them and they never responded.

Looks like the web page might be a fake and there is no company behind the website. Who knows. Don't buy from them.Zicocn took my money and did not ship my order. I tried to contact them and they never responded.

Looks like the web page might be a fake and there is no company behind the website.

Who knows.Don't buy from them.

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orderd some pc electronic stuff they took my money and gave me the run around after 45 day's pay pal couldn't do any thing i have been waiting since 6/7/11 that was a waist of money


I have the same problem,Zicocn took my money and did not ship my order

Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States #320092

They took the other complaint site down..I also order and never received any responses.

Have filed dispute with my credit card company.Please come back and let us know what paypal does.


I have the same problem, actually and so does my friend.We paid over 600 dollars, but never received anything from them.

This is a bogus site run by fraudsters.Currently we are awaiting from PayPal,


I have the same problem, I ordered a DVD on 21 June .

Money was paid , Status said deliverd, but never

I tried to contact them but There Tel. was suspended


Zicon, is some sort of scam company , they will never send any thing that you order from them, if your transaction is with paypal with them , you will get your money back, i also order a pc tablet and a dvd player , status said deliverd, but never was this was on the 23rd of june , just go all fund refunded. NEVER US THIS COMPANY EVER EVER EVER THEY ARE FAKE!


I placed an order for a phone from zicocn.com and I did not request fast delivery (even if I had to pay extra).I have sent them numerous emails and phone calls during their business hours but NO RESPONSE from them.

I am very worried I may not receive my order.Be very cautious with this company.


When did you order?I ordered a Tablet PC on July 1st...still waiting.

Without a tracking #, I'm in the dark. Their website says my order status is "Delivered", but I think they may just consider it delivered once it leaves their hands and enters AirMail.

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and will wait upto 30 days before filing for a refund through PayPal, since the site says delivery takes between 7-25 days for AirMail(Free Shipping) and is actually "much" longer due to the added time of order processing.No Responses from email queries and No Answer from 4 different phone numbers for this company.

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Zicocn - Who recieved my ipad

Guangdong, Guangdong 0 comments
Not resolved

i buy a ipad from www.zicocn.com, but i haven't receive my ipad yet, i call to zicocn.com, but the service said it is have people received the ipad, i check the order, really like this, who recieved my ipad? Mum? i know mum love ipad, but in our country ipad is not cheap, so i choice buy it online B2C website from china, i think i need buy an other one for myself, i said sorry for zicocn.com, it is my fault, the service very gentle, i think you will get more custmer, good luck!

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Zicocn - Best store for china wholesale electronic

Guangdong, Guangdong 4 comments
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ZICO is the leading direct distributor of consumer electronics with best price worldwide. As an initiative and pilot company in the industry, ZICO broke through the traditional distributing way by its unique operation and management mode, selling excellent quality electronic wholesale products rapidly.

ZICO design center is located in Hong Kong which is one of the top ten fashion centers all over the world. ZICO designer team with sharp fashion sensation patrol around America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to ensure the in-time supply of the most up-to-date, coolest and most advanced fashionable information and styles. Meanwhile, worldwide popular products are produced in China named "World Factory".

The headquarter of ZICO is located in Shenzhen, invested directly by Resource Technologies Group Limited ("Resource Group" for short). With powerful financial support, ZICO has experience on import & export operation and management over 10 years.

ZICO always sell products with owned brands worldwide. All of the products from ZICO are manufactured by their OEM factories which spread over Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

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sent e-mail about my order it came back undeliverable i wonder why.

If this company legimate please me how :(


brought product but have not received anything. been 4 months


zicocn is a fake company who lied to many peoples..they are going to be thrown in H E L L


u lied to us, u'ill be in ***..

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